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Fast Snapshot

A Quick Look at Your Situation

Updated Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Our first priority is to examine where your organization is now and where you want it to be. This day of face-to-face discussions with you, your managers, and your upper management will help us get a feel for your company's particular needs and some of the personalities involved.

Exchange Ideas

After sharing this valuable opportunity to talk and exchange ideas, we'll both have a much better understanding of:

Written Proposal

After visiting your site, we'll carefully consider all the apparent problems to be solved and possible solutions. When we feel we have the best approach for you company, we'll write up a detailed proposal for you to review.

Fixed Fee

It'll describe each distinct project phase (if multiple phases are required), everyone's responsibilities, and our fixed fee for the first phase. Not that our fees are the total cost of a particular phase and rarely include and hourly or variable charges.

Easy Decisions

With the proposal in hand you'll have all the information that you'll need to make the right decision. Deciding shouldn't be hard.


In emergency situations where minutes count, the whole process can be compressed into a few hours time. This allows you to make quick decisions without make wild ones.

Scoping out the Situation

To make any discussions of the your needs useful, we have to understand your current situation.

We use a exclusive technique called the Fast Snapshot to determine where you are.

Think of it as a stake in the ground.

With it we are able to talk intelligently about the direction you want to go.

Coming May 31st!

Integrity's Impact (shown below) is the first product for our new publishing group.

Book Picture

This deluxe hardcover edition is your practical guide to integrity's power, benefits & use in business.

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